17 marzo 2016


[.ageing days.]

.It's not the time I fear,
 I fear to the empty hours,
and the remediless ageing
of the days, 
-that in the end-
devours everything.

20 enero 2016


.Being sad it's not be crying all day long,
it's more like feeling a hollow in the middle of your heart 
you know it can't be fill or mend with nothing.
(.I will miss You forever.) 

07 diciembre 2015



.I'm going to miss everything about YOU .

(.even the darkest parts.)


.Photo.by.: Me

10 noviembre 2015



.The inmensity of the days 
makes me feel like a wave in the great ocean,
trifling, ephemeral...
like disappearing before existing.

10 septiembre 2013


.I feel like falling,
earth beneath my feet are apparently still,
but all around me is deceiving,
being afraid to fall (all the time)
I'm closing my eyes to not think
(or feel) until vertigo disappears.

(    ......   )

.photo.by.: Xabier.M | BY-NC-ND