10 septiembre 2013


.I feel like falling,
earth beneath my feet are apparently still,
but all around me is deceiving,
being afraid to fall (all the time)
I'm closing my eyes to not think
(or feel) until vertigo disappears.

(    ......   )

.photo.by.: Xabier.M | BY-NC-ND

09 junio 2013

 [.empty shoes.]

.these weary shoes of mine, walking away, crossing around, 
always moving to one point to another, 
tired they're to walk an empty path; 
to try to find something -anything-, 
that makes them feel all this is wear and tear, has been worth it.

.photo.by.: 55Laney69 | BY

27 mayo 2013

[.in a dream.]

.let me stay in your memoires,
(or at least let me hide in one of them),
let me be the brightness in your eyes despite everything else,
let me dream everything is possible
even if is only in a dream.
.photo.by.: 55Laney69 | BY

07 mayo 2013


.a veces la soledad no se trata de tristezas, 
sino de inmensas horas de recuerdos
agolpandose en el pecho.

.photo.by.: oki_jappo | BY-ND

01 abril 2013

[.la solitude.]

.Je n'ai pas peur de la solitude,
J'ai peur que les ombres des jours me dévorer,
et inévitablement disparaître dans le néant de la vie.

.photo.by.: rainsoaked | BY-NC-ND

19 marzo 2013

[.mon désir.]

.J'ai demandé un désir à la vie:
qu'elle me donne
une dose d'espoir
pour n'est pas cesser de croire.

(.croire en quoi?...dans la vie elle-même.)

.photo.by.: throughthelensrm | BY

15 marzo 2013

[.the hours.]

.again the day,
again the hours...,
again this immensity that devours me. 


.photo.by.: Liz Grace | BY

05 marzo 2013

[.lonely days.]

.in the lonely days,
when silence surround me all over,
I think of you...

(.I feel you in the mist, pouring with the rain, hiding in the silence morning... and I miss you.)

.photo.by: Pancake | Instagram

28 febrero 2013

 [.la nada.]

.¿qué es la nada si no el vacio que queda de los días que se fueron?,
las voces que se vuelven murmullos,
el tiempo que se vuelve nostalgia,
los sueños rotos que caen y se confunden con la hojarasca del ayer....

.photo.by.: Guilherme Yagui | BY

26 febrero 2013

[.true love.]

.love ain't love if you feel chained and heavy
'cause love is a voluntary chain, 
but it should never make you feel miserable.
(.or sad or trapped.)

.photo.by.: Lel4nd | BY

23 febrero 2013

[.be strong.]

.when you just feel alone
and everything you've worked 
seems to be destroyed,
don't feel wretched,
just take your time, gather your pieces
 and reborn -bit by bit-  from the ashes.

(.better, stronger and renewed.)

.photo.by.: MorrowLess | BY-SA

20 febrero 2013


 .Parfois, je me sens si petite 
je crois que je n'existe que dans mes rêves.

.photo.by.: kelsey_lovefusionphoto | BY

19 febrero 2013

[.caminos rotos.]

.y pensar que tan sólo ayer cruzábamos caminos 
a través de los muchos viajes del viento,
ahora de esos días sólo han quedado caminos rotos,
días que se consumen en el olvido,
en el pasar del tiempo sobre nosotros y lo que fue.

.photo.by.: otacon_85 | BY

17 febrero 2013

[.key of happiness.]
.the key of happiness is: 
to never expect anything from anyone.

(.at least that helps to be...)

.photo.by.:  otacon_85 | BY 

15 febrero 2013


.I'm in the middle of life,
floating away, 
willing to find a port
..a haven to rest from this restless sea.

.photo.by.: Y♥YNTL | BY-NC-ND

31 enero 2013


.I'm in the middle of nowhere
 waiting, hoping, praying, 

(.that illumination surround me entirely.)