19 marzo 2010


.I want to sink into the realms of 
serenity and peacefulnes 
and for a moment forget myself and my reality.

[.photo.by.]:Toni Frissell | public domain photo

7 comentarios:

  1. I just want to give you a Hug.

  2. only for a moment... but now the moment is gone.

  3. Jo,
    (so... give it to me!.. ^^)
    kisses 4 U

    niña sideral,
    oh si... y dejarlos en el fondo del mar... para luego salir a flote... renovada ^^

    a moment is as eternal as we want to...but right now I just want to be myself and enjoy everything I have right here and right now... ^^
    thanks 4 passing by!

  4. exactamente asi es como se ve uno en esos dias malos.. pero de todas salimos eso que ni dudarlo

  5. Jana,
    me alegro por esos días... (en los que uno sale a flote)

  6. Good advice,

    I'm gonna sink in my bed and let Morfeo embrace me and take me far, far away where time stops and borders fall to make our craziest dreams come true...